Making a lasting impression is easy with our doors!

One of the goals when creating a handcrafted cedar screen door is to add to the value of the home while complimenting the home’s architectural design.

We take great pride in offering our handcrafted artistic cedar screen door that will reflect these values.

When creating our high quality cedar screen doors, clear western red cedar is used. We mill all our cedar in house. This allows us to cut all our clear western red cedar on the vertical grain to bring out the unique beauty and characteristics of this wood.

Very special care is taken to match colors and grains for every door.

*All doors are handcrafted with clear western red cedar. This refers to our wood being 99.9% free of knots giving it a very beautiful uniform look.

*All doors are handcrafted with vertical grain cut is wood cut in a plane approximately at right angles to the annual rings of the tree. This results in the beautiful “pinstripe suit” look of the grain and is exceptionally stable.

*All doors are constructed using the Festool Domino joinery system. You simply cant buy a stronger made door!

*All doors are handcrafted from vertical grain cut, clear western red cedar. The standard door sizes measure:
36″ screen door (finished measurement is 35-3/4″ x 80-3/4″ x 1 1/8″)
34″ screen door (finished measurement is 33-3/4″ x 80-3/4″ x 1 1/8″)
32″ screen door (finished measurement is 31-3/4″ x 80-3/4″ x 1 1/8″)
All measurements are approximate. Wildlife Elk door shown here, custom engravings available too!

Door should be finished with an exterior oil and hung with in one week of receiving your door.

Custom sizes are available; please contact us to discuss your needs.


Measuring Your Door Opening

Screen doors are typically hung with the hinges installed onto the outer door frame brick mold. The standard door size is typically 36″ wide. You will want to measure across the top of the brick mold (A), across the middle of the brick mold (B) and across the bottom brick mold (C). These number should all be the same, if they are not let us know and we will come up with the installation solution for your door. All doors are 80 3/4″ high.



Select Your Door Style

All doors are constructed using the Festool Domino Joinery system for a superior constructed door. You can’t find a stronger screen door than ours!

The mortise is the cut out material on the edge of the door stile shown below. Because these hinges are wider than the 1 1/8″ thick door the mortise will go from front to back completely as shown below. The mortise allows the hinge to fit flush with the door stile to make the door sit equal distance from both sides. Essentially making the door centered. Sometimes this is not the case and mortising is not necessary. The hinge is 1/8″ thick and the mortise allows the hinge to be flush. We do not recommend installing the hinge on the face of the door.hinge www